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Thanks for Your Interest in Extending Your Relationship with Velaction.

You are here, most likely, because you had some sort of previous relationship with Velaction and were invited to become a member. The three most likely situations are:

  1. You had previously subscribed to a Lesson of the Day that ran its course.
  2. You were customer in the past.
  3. You were a customer and requested that we send you our newsletter. Unfortunately, we’ve had a hole on our processes and never got you subscribed. It didn’t seem right to just sign you up after so much time had passed without checking in with you.

If you’d like to become a member, simply fill out your email in the streamlined form to the right. You’ll be signed up to receive member updates and a short series of welcome messages.

This welcome series contains:

  • Information about how to create an account to access loads of content on our site
  • An orientation so some of the most popular features of our site
  • A series of free gifts (valued at over $150) that we offer new subscribers

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