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Introducing Lean Larry and How He Used Visual Work Instructions

I love what I do, but there is one part that brings me particular joy. I get to play with Legos™ as part of my job. Who wouldn’t love that?

So, taking that a step further, I’ve created a short video introducing Lean Larry, the production manager of my VelactionKart facility located in western Washington.

Larry had to figure out how to ramp up production and train a growing staff quickly as sales of the VelactionKart took off. He turned to visual controls, 5S, and highly visual work instructions to improve his operation.

Now, I’ll warn you. I do have a product placement in this video, but it still teaches a nice little lesson about making work instructions visual in an amusing way. (The 5S and Visual Controls Lean Lego Training Kit is the product I placed in the video.)  I hope you enjoy it.


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