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Interview with Karen Martin (Podcast)

Today I am pleased to be posting a short conversation I had with Karen Martin. She is the author of The Outstanding Organization and a recent Shingo Research Award recipient for that work.

The Outstanding OrganizationShe is also one of my friends in the online continuous improvement community, so I am especially pleased to help her get her message out.

In this 26 minute conversation, we cover a variety of topics ranging from how much control an organization really has over the chaos it faces, to what to call the people working for your company, to an interesting tidbit on the origin of the term “PDCA” (Hint: It wasn’t actually Deming!).

I’ll finish my comments by telling you the book is a great read and well worth purchasing. I’ll refrain from actually giving it a star rating, since, as I mentioned, she is a friend, and that tends to dilute the meaning of the score. Instead, I’ll let her comments speak for themselves. In case you miss it in the recording, her website is www.ksmartin.com.

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