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Important vs. Urgent (Part 2)

Watch our Decision Matrix Template video to gain insight into prioritization.

Start tracking every urgent request. Make sure it is clear that they are being treated as a problem. Use your leadership team as a resource to focus continuous improvement effort on removing the issues that pull you away from important tasks. 

Velaction offers three tools that help manage the conflict between urgent and important.

Policy Deployment Matrix

Policy deployment helps people throughout the organization know how what they are working on fits into the company’s strategy. The policy deployment matrix makes determining what is more important easier.

KPI Bowler

The KPI Bowler highlights the important measures of a frontline group. It provides a quick check to make sure that the majority of what the team is working on relates to key drivers of success.

Decision Matrix Template

Download Velaction's Decision Matrix TemplateWhen there is no clear guidance, importance can be more of a challenge to determine. The decision matrix template comes in hand in these situations.

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