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POLL: How common are KPI boards in your company?

One of the hallmarks of an organization that is devoted to continuous improvement is the visible posting of metrics in work areas.

Obviously, measuring helps manage progress. Posting the results publicly takes metrics one step further. It makes the challenges the organization faces more prominent, which tends to drive action. It allows visitors to quickly assess how the group is doing, and gives leaders a quick view of the status of the team. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) boards also spur conversations when they show that progress is lagging behind the target line.

An example of a KPI board with countermeasures

Sample KPI board from the “Managing With Metrics” class

Today’s question it to determine just how widespread KPIs are. Please select the one that most closely described your company. Please feel free to log in and add more detail in the comments section below.

How common are KPI boards in your company? (Select the answer that most closely described your company.)

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