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Give Us Your Opinion on Gotta Go Lean Article Types

Up until now, the Gotta Go Lean blog has been published on a rather flexible schedule depending on the amount of time being spent producing new training materials and serving clients.

Well, as our readership has grown, so too has the need to be more structured in how we publish. Now that we have passed 5,000 subscribers to our various publications, it is time to start adhering to a more predictable schedule.

To help us decide upon the makeup of that schedule, we’d like to know what is it that we do that you most value. Please review the types of articles listed below, and then vote for up to five in the poll at the end of the list. Your feedback will help us greatly in determining what to put out to help you on your Lean journey.

We also want to thank all of our readers for the tremendous success we have seen in the growth of both the visits to our site, and the purchases of our training materials. We value your interest in our information, and are appreciative of the time and money you commit to using us for your continuous improvement needs. Look at the feature descriptions here, and then vote in the poll below.

Gotta Go Lean features…

  • General articles on Lean topics (traditional Lean blogging). In these articles, we talk about current events, general Lean topics, and anything else under the sun that relates to Lean. This is the type of article you’ll find on most Lean blogs.
  • Lean Terms from the online reference guide. We’ve got what we believe to be the most extensive Lean reference guide around. Some may have more than our 400 terms, but our level of detail makes us stand apart. Plus, we offer cross-linking to other terms, and accompanying free forms and tools that other guides just don’t have. We send out excerpts from our new terms in the Gotta Go Lean blog whenever we post a new entry in the guide.
  • Polls to gather your opinion about Lean topics. We like to get your thoughts about current issues in the continuous improvement community. The article you are now reading is in this category, but most will focus on broad topics rather than getting feedback for our business.
  • Short Lean videos. We are ramping up our DVD business, and have a growing library of short excerpts that we offer free on our site. Plus, we offer many recorded webinars. And sometimes, we will even produce content especially for the Gotta Go Lean blog.
  • Strategies on how to deal with Lean problems. Many of these strategies come from Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean?, but we will, on occasion, be adding new strategies as well.
  • Lean podcasts (with downloadable MP3). We like to talk about Lean, and on occasion post podcasts about continuous improvement. We even invite guests on occasion.
  • Featured Lean thinkers. We are not alone in the Lean community, and want to highlight those offering interesting and unique takes on continuous improvement. The featured Lean thinker is asked a series of questions which helps you learn about their Lean philosophy.
  • New forms and tools. One of the most popular features on our site is our Lean forms directory. It contains a variety of tools to help you get better results with your continuous improvement resources. Excerpts from the page with our new form are sent out in our blog.
  • Notices about new training materials. We are constantly improving our Lean training system. Put a vote on this feature in the poll if you want us to send out notices when a new product is available. If there is interest in this option, we will publish it in addition to the more content oriented features. This would just show up as an additional link in your Gotta Go Lean email message, and would not be specifically added to the posting calendar.
  • Links to articles of interest (roundups/carnivals). We release information at a fairly regular pace, but know we can’t cover everything. We can send you periodic roundups of the interesting information we have found from other sites. It will give you a broader range of material to review, plus, we’ll even add a few comments to give you our perspective.
  • Case Studies. (Feature idea) We can put together case studies of Lean success. This is a feature we have not yet done, but we’ve had a few questions about it. While we have a stock of ideas ready to go, we would need some volunteers to share their stories to make this successful in the long run. Let us know in the comments if you have a success story you’d like us to write about.
  • Question of the day. (Feature idea) We can put out a challenging question or scenario, with our answer a few days later. It would be intended to spark a discussion to help everyone learn about the topic.
  • Picture of the day. (Feature idea) Again, a feature dependent upon user submissions, we would post a picture of something you have accomplished and want to share with the world.
  • Best Practices. (Feature idea) A brief idea about how to handle a particular problem. The plus is that these offer great insight. The minus is that they are very targeted, and won’t apply in every situation.

Now that you know what the available options are, please tell us what you like the best. Pick your five favorites, and we will create a publishing schedule based on the results. And if there is something else you like to see that we don’t have on the list, please let us know in the comments section below, or write us at Info@Velaction.com.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Which of the following article types would you most like to see in the future? (Select up to 5 answers.)

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  • Cindy says:

    my 5 were

    Gen articles (in poll already)
    new forms/tools
    roundup of articles of interest
    question of the day
    picture of the day

  • Cindy says:

    I could only vote for one – when I tried to select 5 I got an error message that told me the maximum was 1

    • Jeff Hajek says:

      Cindy (and anyone else who voted already),

      I apologize for the problems with the poll. I seem to have inadvertently reset the number of votes allowed when I added some more options. Should be working now for future voters, but I don’t think anyone who already voted will be able to vote again.

      If you want to let me know what appeals to you, though, tell me here in the comments section, and I’ll add them into the tally.

      Sorry, and thanks for letting me know about the problem.

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