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Gemba (Part 2)

Continuous Improvement Audio Terms

Which of the following best describes your manager's presence in your work area? (Note: If you are a manager, please answer about yourself.)

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We offer an email series on Japanese Lean Terms that can help you learn about the heavy influence that culture has had on continuous improvement philosophies and methodologies.

This is a closed-ended series that will deliver another term or lesson to your inbox every few days. 


Go to gemba. Managers, you should be on the shop floor or walking around your offices every day, a few times a day. Even better, move your desk right into the heart of your area. Nothing beats your presence near your team as a leadership tool.

If you choose not to go that far, create a gemba walk checklist to use when visiting your areas of responsibility. Schedule the time you will be doing the walk the day before (don’t share this time) so you will get in the habit of prioritizing it. Train yourself not to fit it into your workload. Fit other things around your gemba walk.

A PDF of this term is included in our Phase 3 Information Series.

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