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Terms of Use for Our Lean Forms

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Unless specifically identified otherwise, the free forms listed on this site are free to registered users and guests of Velaction.com.

1. The forms available without registration may not be modified in any way. You are, however, free to post them online or redistribute them in any manner, as long as the original file is not altered in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, leaving all brand identifiers and links in their original condition. You may not receive any form of compensation for the distribution of these forms.

2. Files available to registered users only may not be posted on other sites, altered, or redistributed in any way, except as follows:

a. You may alter the form for personal use as desired. You may not, however, distribute a registered user form in any manner.

b. You may alter the form for use and distribution within your company, without restriction. You may not, however, distribute an electronic copy of the registered user file, whether in its original or a modified form, outside of your company.

i. Exception: Printed or PDF versions of the forms containing data may be sent to third parties for legitimate company business. The form may not be in a format that can be reused. Note, however, that the third party can register at www.Velaction.com, and download a copy of the form for use within their company as well.

c. You may not distribute registered user forms outside of your own company. Unbranded versions of these forms are available to Lean consulting professionals through a licensing agreement. Contact us at Info@Velaction.com for more information.

i. You may, however, distribute forms in accordance with the conditions of paragraph (1) above.

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  • dgperry says:

    Does the copyright notice need to remain if I taiilor the document for company use?

    • Jeff Hajek says:

      Interesting question. I haven’t had that one before.

      It really comes down to complying with the restrictions on distribution. If there is no copyright notice, the chance of someone sharing it down the road is higher (i.e a departing employee or your successor’s successor).

      But, I do say in the license you can modify it for internal use without restriction, so I guess that means you can pull the copyright notice off, even though the content would still be protected.

      My preference, though, would be to leave it on and add your company (i.e. (C) 2012 by Velaction and ACME)

      Thanks for your interest. Hope the forms work out for you.

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