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Flow Chart (Audio Term & Part 2)

Continuous Improvement Audio Terms

This video is an excerpt from our Flow Charts Recorded Webinar on DVD. It shows an overview of how to use flow charts in your process improvement efforts and in documenting your processes.

Our flow charts module offers a good way to get started using this tool. We recommend watching our DVD while following along with the companion study guide.

You can also put flow charts into context with a greater understanding of problem solving as a whole. Sign up for our Problem Solving Lessons of the Day to get a series of focused emails highlighting problem solving concepts delivered right to your inbox.

If you want to teach flow charts to your team, our Flow Charts PowerPoint presentation is available at http://www.velaction.com/flow-charts-lean-training-powerpoint/.

Start out by practicing your flow charting skills.

  1. Start out by creating a flow chart for a simple process.
  2. Ask an observer to watch the process and follow along with the flowchart. Note where there are problems tracking the work.
  3. Revise the flowchart and repeat until the flow chart accurately reflects the process.

Once you are comfortable creating flow charts, select an area to improve and make a more detailed flowchart of that process. Include a higher level of detail, and fill out a waste recording form while creating the flow chart. Work on streamlining the areas with the most waste identified, and create a second flow chart to compare to the first. Eventually, as you get more familiar with the improvement process, the second flow chart should be done before you make improvements. This future state flow chart then becomes your blueprint for improvement. 

A PDF of this term is included in our Phase 3 Information Series.

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