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Don't Be Scared of Being Scared

Fear can paralyze us. It can keep us from trying new things, and mire us in bad situations when we are too frightened to take a risk to try to change things.

Rather than talk in more detail about this, I am going to point you to another blogger who dives deep into the topic. As you read his career advice, though, I want you to think about how what Bud says about fear in general is applicable to your organization when it comes time to make improvements.

It is easy to worry about implementation problems when making changes. It is easy to worry about having a silly idea, or making a mistake that makes you look bad. It is easy to worry about ruffling a coworker’s feathers. All that worry, though, is unhealthy for you, and stifles progress.

Click here to see what Bud Bilanich has to say about fear.


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