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A decision is a choice between two competing or alternative options. We make countless decisions each and every day—what to wear, what to eat, the route to take to work.

Some decisions are made so rapidly that they are virtually automatic. You make a decision every time you adjust the steering wheel on the car, surf the internet, and carry on a conversation.

Almost every decision you make takes no conscious thought. It is a product of your collective values, knowledge, and experience. Most people are also creatures of habit. Even though every trip into a Starbucks ® store requires a decision on what to order, most people order the same thing every time.

Making an important or unfamiliar decision, though, should be done with a formal decision making process. This helps to ensure that the decision is the best one, given the set of goals you have.

Lean projects require you to make a great many unfamiliar and important decisions.

Decision making is an integral part of the problem solving method. You often have to choose which problem to address first, and then which solution you will choose to implement.

This decision making can be made easier with our decision matrix template.

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