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Daily Management (Part 2)

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Learn more about Daily Management in our 47-minute Lean Training System DVD. Get the Daily Management Recorded Webinar at http://www.velaction.com/daily-management-lean-training-on-dvd/.

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See the Daily Management module from our Lean Training System.

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Learn more about daily management with our recorded webinar on DVD, available at http://www.velaction.com/daily-management-lean-training-on-dvd/.

For those wanting to put daily management into context, expand your education to cover Lean leadership. We offer a Lean Leadership “Lessons of the Day” series. You’ll receive a series of emails on a variety of topics intended to help you better lead and manage your team in an improvement-oriented company. Sign up at http://www.velaction.com/lean-leadership-lesson-of-the-day/.

  1. If possible, find a mentor to help you set up your daily management system. This may be a consultant, a new hire, or someone already within the company.
  2. Choose an area to be a pilot for your daily management system. The area should have a strong leader and a receptive team. Areas in crisis are a bad idea, as the extra stress can make the change hard to manage.
  3. Begin developing the pilot. Use our article, 9 Steps to Developing a Daily Management System, as a guide.
  4. Document and refine your daily management processes.
  5. Roll out daily management throughout your organization.

Use our Daily Management Worksheet to quickly calculate the data needed on your daily management board. It determines capacity based on available staff, and projects how much production work should be completed. It also tracks and highlights variance.

Get this form at http://www.velaction.com/daily-management-worksheet/.

Click the image to download a copy of our Daily Management Worksheet

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