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Our animated Countermeasures Lean training on PowerPoint helps you teach your team about

  • the purpose of countermeasures,
  • how countermeasures link to processes and corporate strategy,
  • when to use them,
  • who should do them, and
  • how to complete a basic countermeasure form.

Our training uses a real world example that makes the training equally applicable to both the shop floor and the Lean office.

Countermeasures Lean Training Course Outline

Product Details

  • License Type: Corporate
  • Number of Slides: 20
  • Target Time: 45 min
  • Revision Date: 4/14/2011
  • Format: PowerPoint 2007
  • Delivery: Immediate Download
  • Skill Level: 3 (Lean Leadership)


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Product Description

Our countermeasures training helps your team turn problems into opportunities. Use this presentation to start looking at abnormal conditions in a new light, and learn how this tool helps eliminate them once and for all.

This Countermeasures Lean training covers the following topics:

1. What is a countermeasure?

a. A structured process for solving problems

b. Where to start

c. Countermeasures and success

2. Purpose: close gaps between expected and actual

a. Just-in-time improvements vs. batching for kaizen blitz

3. Who does countermeasures

a. Managers responsible, supervisors and leads should be doing them

4. The role of countermeasures in Lean

a. Links to daily management, operations reviews, and kaizen

5. Completing a countermeasure

a. Format

b. Planning/filling out form

c. Root causes

d. Accounting for improvement

5. Managing countermeasures

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