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Continuous Improvement Publications

One of our goals at Velaction is to deliver a steady stream of fresh content to you. We know, though, that you are facing information overload, so we offer a variety of ways to stay informed about new Lean information and special offers.

The listing below contains our publications in order of frequency.

Velaction’s Continuous Improvement Publications


We know that some of you like to get instant updates whenever there is something new. Subscribing to us on Twitter is the most immediate way to stay in touch. We try to tweet at least once a day. Often it is just a quick observation, or a link to highlight an old article or term that might be of interest to you.

Gotta Go Lean Blog

We send out most of our content in our Gotta Go Lean blog. It contains a wide variety of content. Our articles, terms, forms & tools, strategies, podcasts, videos, and more go out in this feed. We generally add 4-5 new items a week, so it is a near-daily publication. You can subscribe either by email or by RSS feed.

Lessons of the Day

Our Lessons of the Day are a fairly unique publication. Each series consists of a string of related emails on a specific subject, such as Standard Work, Lean Leadership, or Problem Solving. You’ll get a message every few days while the series runs its course, and the very occasional update if there is something interesting related to the subject matter. Most of these series last a handful of months.

Registered User Updates

The ‘Freemium’ content on our site requires registration. We send out occasional messages to our users to let them know what is going on with our site and when we post new free content. Generally, this is not more than a few messages a month.

Maximize Your Lean Success Newsletter

We publish a monthly newsletter that summarizes all the activity on our site. We use this publication to let you know what is going on at Velaction, tell you about new content, inform you of our new product releases, and offer you specials on our great product line.


You can subscribe to our YouTube channel to see whenever we post a new video. With over 300,000 views, you know that you’ll be getting some useful information.


  • Mr Bach says:

    I appreciate having access to all this free information to help in preparation for the Black Belt course, plus be a resource afterward. Thanks Velaction for offering this.

    • Jeff Hajek says:

      No problem, Mr. Bach.

      I have a lot of fun making the materials, plus it makes me learn continuously. Good luck with the black belt course.

      Jeff Hajek

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