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Continuous Improvement Is Never Finished.

People like closure, so the thought of taking on something with no end can be a major challenge. Continuous improvement can create a mental hurdle that people must clear in order to fully commit to the idea that the achievements of today won’t be good enough tomorrow.


Continuous improvement, by definition, is never finished.

How this affects you

Many people thrive on a sense of completion, and they struggle with the idea that something is never ending. How much would you enjoy the Olympic Games if they went on forever and never had clear winners?

Action to take

Pick small milestones that you can shoot for along the way.

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Why this works

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  • This sense of a never ending quest for improvement can bring out comments like “they always want more” or “it’s never good enough.” Picking milestones can help motivate both the Leader and the Team and keep the progress on track. Celebrating the success as you pass those milestones will show the Team that you appreciate them and their hard work.

    • Jeff Hajek says:

      You can also work on managing the pace. Continuous improvement should not be brutal–just constant. String leaders plan for the workload associated with projects, and staff accordingly.
      People get on board with challenging goals more when they think they have the resources to reach them.

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