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Continuous Improvement General Overview Lesson of the Day

If you want a quick exposure to Lean and other continuous improvement concepts, then our General Overview is a great option.

This Lesson of the Day series provides a wide selection of Lean Terms to your inbox over a period of several weeks. This broad lesson plan is a great option when you are just learning about continuous improvement. It is also good for more seasoned “improve-ologists” who don’t have a pressing problem, but just want to stay sharp.

Just a quick note about this lesson plan. It was our pilot Lesson of the Day series, and is not as refined as our latest lesson plans. The layout is not as clean as what we are now using, and Velaction’s selection of content to draw from at its development time was a sliver of what we have to offer today. That said, this series still provides a good bundle of information. We would rather spend our time developing additional lesson plans than re-releasing this one.

So, we hope you enjoy it, and can see how far Velaction had come when you choose your next lesson plan.

View a sample Lean lesson.

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