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Bring in a Lean Expert

Whether you don’t know how to do something or you just don’t have time, we have the Lean expertise to help.

You’ve undoubtedly got a lot on your plate. Why add more to it? Bring in a Lean expert who has the experience to develop the skills your team needs to make your Lean strategy come true.

Look at the many different ways we can help your team.

Lean Boot Camps

Our Lean Boot Camps are intensive, focused training and coaching sessions intended to help you get a Lean skill developed quickly. But Boot Camps are more than just training. We help you put the Lean skill to use.

On-Site Lean Training

Bring us in to teach your team the Lean skills they need. Our training includes hands-on exercises to reinforce the lessons.

Remote Training

When you don’t need a full day of training, our remote training is a good, cost-effective alternative.

Kaizen Event Training

As part of our kaizen event support, we train your team to make substantial gains during the course of the project.

Public Speaking

Need someone to speak to your team about Lean? Whether a corporate retreat, a company meeting, or a conference, we can inspire your team about Lean.

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