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A3 Thinking (Part 2)

Learn more about the A3 process in our 45-minute Lean Training System DVD, Fundamentals of A3 Thinking.

A short video excerpt of this DVD is available on YouTube at http://youtu.be/03m_yf5kMZY.

  1. Determine if your organization has anyone with experience in mentoring others on the A3 process. (If you do not have anyone who can help train your organization and need help, contact us at Info@Velaction.com.)
  2. ID a few key people for each A3 mentor to develop.
  3. Train the team members on the Fundamentals of A3 Thinking. (http://www.velaction.com/fundamentals-of-a3-thinking-training-module/)
  4. Identify basic projects for each individual to lead.
  5. Complete the projects, meeting periodically to help individuals learn from each other.
  6. Repeat with increasingly challenging projects.

You can download an A3 template from our website at http://www.velaction.com/a3-template/. There are a few different sizes available to suit your needs. The templates are created in PowerPoint, so you can modify them to suit your needs.

Remember, though, that there is no set format for the A3 report. This template is just intended to be used as a starting point in your problem solving efforts.

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