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Lean Newsletter Archive, January 2012

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  • New (Free) Products: We’ve added to our Lessons of the Day curriculums, so there are even more ways to keep improving your continuous improvement skills.

  • Lean Terms: We’ve added 13 new terms to our online guide since our last newsletter.
  • What’s New?: We’ve posted several new videos from our Standard Work Overview DVD. And we’ve been reorganizing our product line to make it easier to find the training materials you need.
  • Special Offers: As part of our product line reorganization, we have created focused DVD packs and and bundles of related training materials. Get them at a special introductory price.


Jan. 19, 2012


ISSN: 1946-5386

Jeff Hajek

Owner and Founder



Dear Subscriber,

Well, the final results are in. Velaction.com had nearly a quarter of a million visitors to it last year, up from a bit over a hundred thousand in 2010. We were hoping to break the quarter million mark, but came up just a couple thousand short. It was an aggressive goal to try to more than double the traffic from the previous year, but despite not quite making it, we will be setting a similar goal for 2012. Looking forward to seeing half a million of you this year…

So, how do we intend to do it? With Policy Deployment and effective problem solving when we hit the inevitable speed bumps. If you are setting challenging goals, by definition, there will be obstacles. Having a solid problem solving toolkit always helps knock those barriers out of the way. (Check out our specials below to see how we can help.)

We hope you finished off last year strong, and look forward to helping you make this year even better.

As always, best wishes on your Lean journey.

Jeff Hajek

Founder of Velaction


Read the specials section to hear more about the changes to our product line organization, and check out the new products to see the recent additions to our “Lessons of the Day.”

In addition to those changes, we have also added several new videos. As we release our new DVDs, we like to post clips from them so you can see what they are like before you buy. Check out the list below to see the videos from our new Standard Work DVD.


Our latest terms from our extensive online improvement reference guide include:

View our
Lean Dictionary
Lean Dictionary
Now over 400 terms…

Lessons of the Day (Free!)

We’ve increased the number of ‘Lessons of the Day’ that we now offer. They provide you with a great way to take a systematic approach to learning. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you’ll benefit from the daily reminders to spend a little brainpower on thinking about continuous improvement.

When you sign up, you will get a closed-end series of email messages focused on a single topic.

We currently offer the following Lesson of the Day series:

Standard Work DVD

Our DVD line continues to grow, and we now offer 13 titles.

(Click here to see the complete DVD bundle.)

The latest addition is our Standard Work Overview DVD. One of the biggest benefits of our Lean Training System is the modular approach. Add to the effectiveness of the DVD with a free 14-page PDF on Standard Work, several Standard Work forms, and the available PowerPoint package.


Get Our Combo Bundles for the Price of Just the DVDs!

We mentioned a while back in our last newsletter that we were reorganizing our product line into Training Module Groups. Well, we have gotten that done, and have posted them to our class catalog page.

We are now putting together bundles for these module groups. Each will have a digital bundle, a DVD pack, and a combo with both. We’ve gotten these done for the Lean Leadership and Problem Solving groups, and are offering an introductory special. We are selling the combo packs at the same price as the DVD bundle, so it is like getting the digital products for free. Hurry, as the offer only lasts through the January 27, 2012.


Jeff Hajek is the founder of Velaction Continuous Improvement, LLC, a company dedicated to making your job easier and more rewarding in a Lean environment.

If you liked this issue, you'll love Jeff's practical, easy to read, to the point training materials that help you find win-win solutions so you can quickly overcome Lean obstacles.

You can find out more about Jeff and the wealth of other free resources that he offers at www.Velaction.com.

Jeff is also the award-winning author of Whaddaya Mean I Gotta Be Lean? Building the bridge from job satisfaction to corporate profit. This unique book provides a blueprint for not only surviving, but also thriving in a Lean company. Plus it's like two books in one. The first half provides an overview about how to find job satisfaction in a continuous improvement culture. The second half addresses over a hundred problems that people face when they are asked to do more with less.

Whaddaya Mean? is available at www.Amazon.com.


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