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Lean Newsletter Archive, March 2010

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Notes from Jeff
Dear Subscriber,

We’ve had a few nice days in Seattle here and there. Spring is definitely trying to break out. But back in Chicago where I grew up, winter is still in full force. A snow-related story my dad told me gave me the idea for this month’s featured article: 7 Tips to Build Good (Lean) Behavior.

I haven’t been able to get out much to enjoy the improving weather here, though. I was on the road a bit this month for some Lean consulting work, and spent a lot of time refining several new products, so my schedule has been full. On the plus side of being busy, I got a lot done.

I’m especially excited about a new Lean Office Flow Exercise I beta tested this month. It really underscores how Lean principles can affect office operations. Learn more about this and the other new content and products I added to Velaction’s website in the ‘What’s New?’ section below.

Finally, I’d like to thank my many new subscribers. With all the new Lean forms I posted, I’ve had a lot of people sign up-the biggest monthly increase ever!

As always, best wishes on your Lean journey.

Jeff's Signature
Jeff Hajek

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What's new?

I just posted a fresh podcast of my interview with Mike Osterling, a fellow author and Lean consultant. I’ll also be posting another interview very soon with Tim McMahon, a Lean blogger and continuous improvement advocate. The best way to make sure you don’t miss this, and other great interviews, is to sign up for my Gotta Go Lean Blog.

I’ve got the first few of my Lean training presentations posted for sale. They will soon have student guides available, and we’re working on providing demos so you can see what you are getting before you buy. You can also download a course outline to make sure that the class covers the topics you need.

As I mentioned, I’m putting the finishing touches on my Lean Office Flow Exercise. (Click the link to learn more or to have me let you know when it is ready).

Finally, I’m pretty close to getting my 5S and Visual Controls Exercise posted for sale.


It is a hands-on Lego(R) exercise that will help trainees learn first-hand about the power of visual management. Click the link above to learn more or to have me let you know when this product becomes available.

Featured Article

7 Tips to Build Good (Lean) Behavior

My dad lives in the Chicago area. His house has been buried in multiple snowstorms over the course of this winter. A few weeks back, he was driving somewhere during the time when the kids in his neighborhood were walking to school. Along one of the arterials, there are no houses that face the road, so the sidewalks hadn’t been shoveled. As a result, the kids were all walking in the street to get to school…

Click this link to learn how this story ties into the 7 Tips to Build Good (Lean) Behavior.

Featured Product

Our featured products this month are our three new Lean PowerPoint presentations. To show our thanks for your support, we are offering a subscriber discount of 35% off these classes until March 8, 2010.

Use this coupon code on checkout to get your discount: MAR2010PPTX

5S Powerpoint Lean Training

5S and Visual Management Lean Training on PowerPoint

View a Sample

Flow Charts Lean Training

Flow Charts Lean Training on PowerPoint

Standardization Lean Training Title Page

Standardization Lean Training on PowerPoint


Jeff Hajek
Founder of Velaction
March 2, 2010
ISSN: 1946-5386
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Jeff Hajek is the Founder of Velaction Continuous Improvement, LLC, a company dedicated to making your job easier and more rewarding in a Lean environment.

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