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10 Random Tips to Supercharge You On Your Lean Journey (Webinar Recording)

Tim McMahon and I recently presented a webinar full of tips that can help you really speed up your progress on your Lean journey.

The tips include:

  1. Go to the Gemba
  2. Watch and Listen to What People Really Say
  3. Develop Your People
  4. Find Little, Instant Rewards
  5. Many Small Wins, Rather Than The Occasional Big Win
  6. Buy People Books
  7. Stop Fighting Fires
  8. Measure Twice, Improve Once
  9. Map Your Value Stream
  10. Remember: Lean is a Four Letter Word

You can watch the full presentation on YouTube here…

You can also download the original presentation below.

10 Tips to Supercharge You on Your Lean Journey (PPTX) (7 downloads)


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